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RBIB Assist

0861 (RBAIRD) 722 473

24 Hour Emergency

Rbib Home Assist

HOME ASSIST (Applicable only if Household Contents insured with RBIB)

Fixtures & Fittings:

In the event of a home emergency as a result of breakage of fixtures and fittings,

we will arrange for an appropriate repairer (electrician, plumber, locksmith, glazier etc.) to address the problem at one nominated address.

A home emergency is defined as an event that is potentially life threatening or could possibly cause structural damage to a property.

Call-out fee and first hour labour is covered, thereafter normal rates apply.

Overall limit of R2000 per annum per policy.

Emergency Services Notification:

We will, at the your request, relay notification of emergencies to the police, traffic, fire brigade, ambulance, security or any other emergency service provider.