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RBIB Assist

0861 (RBAIRD) 722 473

24 Hour Emergency

Rbib Road Assistance

AA — ROADSIDE ASSIST (Applicable only for Motor Vehicles insured with RBIB)

You have access to the following services in the event of a roadside emergency (limited up to R500 per incident):

Flat battery – jump start (replacement of battery for your own account)

Flat tyre (help with change of tyre)

Keys locked in vehicle (unlocking only)

Fuel assistance (limited to five liters per incident)

Minor roadside—running repairs (electrical, coil, immobilizer etc.)

Transmission of urgent messages

Tow-in service to the nearest approved dealership (if under warranty), repair centre or panelbeater in the event of:

Mechanical breakdown — covered up to R500

Electrical breakdown — covered up to R500

Accident damage — cost covered to the nearest approved panelbeater up to a limit of R1,850

For breakdowns more than 100km from home (on the condition that towing is arranged via the assistance call centre):

Overnight accommodation for you and four passengers — covered up to R500


24-hour, Group-B car rental — covered up to R500 (subject to availability and the driver being in possession of a valid credit card and drivers license)

In the event of your vehicle being left for repairs, we will pay up to R500 for 24-hour, Group-B car rental (subject to availability and the driver being in possession of a valid credit card and drivers license) or a flight ticket to collect the vehicle after repairs. Alternatively, should the vehicle have been towed to a dealership closer to your place of residence, we will supplement the additional tow costs with the costs of car rental.

*Please note: This cover excludes all vehicles over 3 500kg, trailers, caravans and boats. You will not be entitled to service where the vehicle is not in a roadworthy condition. Any costs incurred through arrangements made by your without prior authorisation shall not be reimbursed. Assistance is only available in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.